Shoruq Children’s Debka & Hip Hop Tour


Direct from Palestine!Shoruq Debka

Shoruq Children’s Debka and Hip Hop Tour

Thurs., March 30th
& Fri., March 31st


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Thursday, March 30

7:30 pm
Engleman Hall, C112
Southern Connecticut State University
501 Crescent Street
New Haven, CT


General Admission $15
Student Admission $5
Tickets online here!


For more info: or 860-200-5396




Friday, March 31

7:00 pm
The Artists Collective
1200 Albany Avenue
Hartford, CT


General Admission $15
Student Admission $5
Tickets online here!


For more info: or 860-200-5396











Join us for a beautiful performance celebrating Palestinian culture.

The children from Dheisheh Refugee Camp will use original music and dance to share the history and daily life of Palestinian refugees.

“Debka is our heritage. I send my message to the world and resist through debka.” – Tamer, 16

Interspersed in the performance will be hip-hop songs in English and Arabic from Shoruq’s Girls Hip-Hop group.

Excerpt from one of the songs:

All I need in this life, is to be free
Free, from this cage, but I need a key
The key for a life waiting for me
If only you’ve seen what my eyes still see`
Problems after problems, yet in poverty
IDENTIFIED, without identity
I will fight for my country till eternity under the name of justice, humanity
I want to live, I want to learn, and I want to be successful
Even if it’s stressful
Just for staying alive, for life I am grateful
I’m right here, and that’s what I rap for
All my life I’ve been paying them up prices
I’m depending on luck, so I’m just throwing dices
Years pass by and I’m lifeless
This is how my life is, this is not what life is.

Event sponsored by
Southern Connecticut State University Women’s Studies
Tree of Life Educational Fund:, 860-200-5396
Jewish Voice for Peace New Haven:,
Middle East Children’s Alliance:
Shoruq Organization:


A sneak peak of the Shoruq Girls Hip-Hop Group…