2013 Portland, Maine Conference – October 23rd

Tree of Life Conference

Beyond Zionism: Jewish and Palestinian Voices
Resisting Injustice, Pursuing Peace

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

6:00 – 9:00 PM

Hannaford Auditorium/Abromsom Center
University of Southern Maine
Bedford St.,  Portland, Maine


Peace talks come and peace talks go. And fewer people than ever have high hopes for a just settlement from this process. Indeed, for many it has come to seem a mask allowing Israel to say it’s pursuing peace while actually taking more and more of the very land that should belong to a future Palestinian state. Many Palestinian homes have been, and are being, bulldozed, families evicted, and populations transferred so that more illegal settlements can be built. 

Where, then, do we find hope for a better future? We find it among the courageous people, both Jews and Palestinians, who practice nonviolent resistance, speak out and make clear that true peace will only come when justice comes to all people in the Holy Land.

There is hope in the growing numbers of corporations, churches, academic institutions, unions, human rights organizations, and performing artists who have come to understand how the Occupation and all other instruments of inhumanity and injustice are impediments to peace.

And from Palestinians who proudly preserve their culture–through art, cuisine, music, and the products of their soil, most notably their delicious olive oil.

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