November 2015 Performance

Shalalda Violin

Enclaves of Beauty:

A Benefit Concert for
Palestinian Children
in West Bank and Gaza

November 23
Eagle Harbor
Congregational Church

105 Winslow Way W
Bainbridge Island, WA


Concert: Michael Dabroski


Concert violinist and composer Michael Dabroski premiered his new violin in a program of music, discussion and photographs inspired by his Tree of Life travels in March to Israel and Palestine.  The program included Bach’s Cello Suites Nos. 3 and 6  (adapted by Dabroski for violin), as well as Dabroski’s own six-movement “Suite for Palestine,” which is expressive of the sounds, people and images that he heard and witnessed during his journey, and was written specifically to celebrate the sound of his Palestinian violin from Ramallah.

Dabroski’s new instrument was made for him by Palestine’s only violin maker, Shehada Shalalda.  The two men met in March 2015 when Dabroski visited Shalalda’s workshop in Ramallah and commissioned the violin, which Dabroski describes as “a weapon of peace and tolerance, a means of communicating messages of injustice and resilience.”  The east-west collaboration was further developed last summer, when the violin was delivered to Dabroski in Vermont by Ramzi Aburedwan, a distinguished musician visiting the U.S. from the West Bank refugee camp of Al Amari. 

Shalalda's Workshop
The concert title, “Enclaves of Beauty” was the theme of the Tree of Life Spring 2015 Journey, featuring visits with Palestinians who use the arts to celebrate their identity and rich heritage while living in a culture of violence. “Shehada’s workshop is truly an “enclave of beauty,” Dabroski notes, “and this exquisite instrument attests to his dedication to his craft.  I hope my audiences leave my concerts feeling as moved as I’ve been by Shehada’s indomitable spirit.”  

All proceeds from the concert benefited Palestinian children in the West Bank and Gaza.    

More information:

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Shehada Shalalda

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If you are interested in hosting this concert with Michael Dabroski and his new Palestinian violin, please contact Mary Tomassetti,
Michael will be available until spring of 2016.



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