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Letters of Gratitude

Selected letters from those whom the Tree of Life Educational Fund have touched:

My Name is Julie Ghanem. I would first like to thank you for all your support and the help you give us to stay educated. I am twenty years old and it’s my sophomore year at the University of Beth Lehem, Palestine. Currently I’m going for a Hotel Management Bachelor degree which I thought would be the best major for me. Because of the bad economic situation in the West Bank I can`t continue towards my career, therefore your help would be really appreciated. As a very responsible person, I was honored to be mentioned on the honors list for the second year in a row. I don’t want to lose my chance to complete what I started and follow my dreams. I want to help my family and all the people that look up to me by graduating and working and making a difference in this world. As a young girl and as a student, your help towards my career means so much to me and too many in our country, thank you.

I’m Rawan alatrash ,from Beit Sahour, I’m studying social work at Bethlehem University, I’m now a senior, I would to thank you to your financial support. It made me very glad, you made a difference in my life, because without these support, I COULDN’T continue my education at the university, because of the economic situation of my family and the siege and difficult situation that we live, thank you very much for help.