Arts Council Grant Project Program


Call for Applications:  Apply Today!

The Tree of Life is a Sacred Symbol for many cultures. 
It reminds us that all of creation is deeply interrelated and interconnected.

The Tree of Life Educational Fund (TOLEF) “…provides cross-cultural and transnational travel experiences, interfaith conferences and educational opportunities to help participants to become more enlightened and more engaged in making this a more just and peaceful world in which we live.

Over the past few years Tree of Life Educational Fund has expanded its mission through artistic projects. We have sponsored musical performances with Ramzi Aburedwan, Dabka dancing with Shoruq, visual arts with Jennifer Awad.  Most recently we organized the first Traveling Encampment through New England,  bringing together artists from the West Bank, the Negev and the Lakota Reservation of South Dakota.

TOLEF has heard with growing frequency that our Palestinian brothers and sisters, who appreciate our work sharing the struggles of life under occupation, want us to continue to show our American audience the beautiful culture of the Palestinian people. 

And so we have created the TOLEF Arts Council.

The Arts Council will coordinate artistic activity for TOLEF. This Winter we are soliciting applications for Project Development grants.

These grants are intended for artists representing all mediums that contain a Palestinian experience, expression or cultural theme.

Support will be given in one of three categories

  • Palestinian artists looking to find partnerships with US host presenters/US presenters looking for Palestinian artists
  • Palestinian-American artists looking to develop and produce work in the US and Palestine
  • US artists looking to travel to Palestine for observation or research

TOLEF and the Arts

AC Project Criteria

  •  Theme:  emphasize Palestine in the context of cultural roots, beauty and resistance
  • Activism:  create art that teaches, unites and provokes acts of kindness and good deeds
  • Sustainability:  produce inspiring projects that replenish themselves and TOLEF financially
  • Excellence:  demonstrate artistic quality of the highest level and community relevance

To request further information, please contact us here.

Artist Project Application Timeline

December 15 Call for Artist Applications
February 15 Artist Application Deadline
March 15 Arts Council Meeting:  Application Review and Recommendations
April 1  TOLEF Board Meeting:  Artist Project Review and Award Decisions
April 15 Artist Project Award Announcements
June 15 Artist Project Award Implementation (thru May, 2019)



Part 1: Application Form (fillable PDF) 
Download PDF
Download and fill in the application then email to

Part 2: Submit via separate email:

  • Artist Work Samples
  • Artist Bios (including past funding and collaborations)
  • Project Budget (administrative and program areas; list existing project pledges, if any)
  • Identify All Project Participants (sponsors – organizations – individuals)

* please note the application is considered “incomplete” until all materials are received via the online form and information requested via email.