TOLEF Councils


Below is a brief listing of our newly formed Councils. Details coming soon on members and our work!

Artist’s Council
Over the past few years we have heard with growing frequency that our Palestinian brothers and sister, while they appreciate our work sharing the struggles of life under occupation, want us to show our American audience the beautiful culture of the Palestinian people. The Artist Council seeks to highlight this through musical performances, poetry, Debka dancing, visual arts and more.
Visit our Grants Project Program for 2018!

Student Council
We believe in the voice of our youth and want that to play an integral part of the work we do. Our youth Council aims to serve Students For Justice in Palestine in whatever capacity might be helpful to these great college campus leaders. They also seek opportunities to bring our speaker series on-campus, help students get connected with our annual Journeys, and work to engage new young voices in the conversation of change. 

Clergy Council
A growing number of churches is speaking out for an end to the occupation, but there is great opportunity to engage more places of worship. Our Clergy Council will continue the work of raising awareness with those who believe in the word of God, those who should, perhaps above all else, be the leaders for justice and freedom for all children of God.

Advocacy Council
There is an incredible need to educate our elected officials and make our voices heard on the topic of Israel / Palestine. This takes commitment and the ability for quick action. We seek to grow an Advocacy Council that can show up and be heard, follow up and make real change with regard to how local politicians vote and support the occupation. We have seen change happen slowly in this regard, but there is change, and there is hope. Contact us to learn more about how you can help.