Tree of Life Executive Director

Mary Tomassetti – Tree of Life Executive Director

Mary Tomassetti

Mary attended her first Tree of Life Conference in October 2014. Prior to that she did not know where Palestine or Israel were on the map, and had no knowledge of the conflict or the occupation. On the very night of the conference, Mary agreed to join the March Tree of Life Journey, “Seeking Enclaves of Beauty.” This trip was one of the most powerfully moving experiences of her life, and she has been committed to raising awareness about the realities of the occupation since. Mary joined the Tree of Life team as Coordinator in April 2015. 

Mary’s primary work experience has been in business management – restaurant, corporate and landscape design/build. Her favorite place is in the kitchen, and she believes there is nothing greater than sharing in the joy of a meal made with love. Mary is passionate about the environment, an advocate for the food revolution, and she is in love with good coffee. She lives in Westbrook with her puppy Lakota Fox.