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Volunteer Options at Tent of Nations

Friends of Tent of Nations North America has announced volunteer opportunities for this coming year.

Tent of Nations is devoted to addressing cultural conflicts around the world, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, by facilitating positive encounters amongst young people from different cultures. To serve the mission of Tent of Nations, the Nassar family seeks coexistence with Israel in a shared Palestine and is committed to nonviolence as the means to reach that goal

High school students look for gap-year experiences; retired people look for short-term volunteer projects; college students look for international travel experiences for credit or for internships; people between jobs look for something new and different to add to their résumés; many people are searching for meaningful ways to make a difference in a world that feels very topsy-turvy right now.  FOTONNA is here to help you make that difference.

We are offering any and all of you an opportunity to participate in a small but meaningful way through volunteering on the Nassar family farm (Daher’s Vineyard, outside Bethlehem) or enabling someone you know to go in your stead. I know that you are all familiar with the Tent of Nations Peace Project, and Daoud Nassar is in need of volunteers to help in both small and big ways.  With the current unrest in the area (which is an understatement), there is an even greater need today to have an international presence on the farm at all times.  You can find out more by visiting Daoud’s website – – and clicking on the Volunteer site. Here are some highlights from that site related to the camps scattered throughout the year that need volunteer support:

Camp 1:  March 19-30, 2018 – Tree Planting Camp

Camp 2:  June 4-14, 2018 – Cave Renovation Camp

Camp 3:  June 25-July 7, 2018 – Children’s Summer Camp

Camp 4:  July 30-August 9, 2018 – Almond Harvest Camp

Camp 5:  August 27-September 7, 2018 – Fig and Grape Harvest Camp

Camp 6:  October 22-November 2, 2018 – Olive Harvest Camp

There are other ongoing projects in addition to the camps, of course, that you could work with.  Volunteers can help with anything on the farm, including agriculture, construction, electrical or mechanical work, housekeeping and other related farm work.  You can also volunteer to work with the women at the Women’s Education Center in Nahalin by getting in touch with Jihan Nassar at:  .

We at FOTONNA are offering Volunteer Scholarships if you are in need of financial assistance in order to get to the farm.  If you complete the Volunteer Application Form on the TON website and choose to apply for one of our scholarships, we can help cover half of your airfare travel expenses and all of the volunteer expense needs you would incur at TON.  The application process is simple and painless, but there are a few things you need know first in order to qualify:  1) you need to commit to at least a month on the farm; 2) you need to commit to spreading the word about your experiences when you come home; and, 3) you need to help our Tour Coordinator in finding sites for Daoud to visit during his upcoming spring and fall tours in the States.  If interested, just get in touch with Kay Plitt at:  .

There are other ways to help support volunteers if you cannot go there personally.  FOTONNA can always use funds to support the scholarships, and Daoud can always use funds to help pay for the volunteers’ expenses (this includes food, water, laundry, transportation, etc.).  Just go to our website – and you will see how to donate by check or via PayPal. Any amount is welcome! We are also encouraging people to seek support from their circle of friends or church groups and turn it into a larger gift whenever possible; you can also raise funds to sponsor some of your own members and send them as volunteers/emissaries. For example, one young woman is seeking a grant from her university in support of the Cave Renovation Camp and plans on spending three months there over the summer, including work with the Children’s Summer Camp. These are the kinds of individuals we want to encourage and support!