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The Tree of Life Honoraria Trust

In January 2013 the Honoraria Trust provided nine scholarships for students from Beit Sahour to go to Bethlehem University.  This is an annual part of our Tree of Life ministry. We are grateful to both the Mission Board of the Old Lyme Congregational Church and to individuals who have made generous contributions to the Tree of Life Honoraria Trust. Without this generosity, these scholarships would not be possible!

Consider a contribution to our Tree of Life Honoraria Trust, a fund that we use to support those organizations in the occupied territories and Israel that are working toward a just and peaceful future for us all. We like to think of these organizations as “parables of hope” and in our annual Tree of Life journeys we’ve had the privilege of witnessing first-hand the excellent work that they do.  These are all organizations that live and teach non-violent resistance to injustice, and in the educational work they do, they help us all to become better voices of conscience on this issue.  Please give and give generously to help sustain the good work that they do!

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The Tree of Life Educational Fund
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Please note: Contributions to the Tree of Life Honoraria Trust are not tax deductible. The Trust has been set up so that financial support can be given to organizations that are not registered with the U.S. tax department [i.e. do not have 501(c)(3) status]. The Trust provides direct support to organizations in Israel/Palestine involved in peace and justice work and also for some scholarships in circumstances when providing such support through TOLEF is not practical or possible.


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